• Eco-friendly reusable coffee pod made out of steel. Aluminum coffee capsule alternative for multiple use.

    Eco-friendly reusable coffee pod.

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About the Pod

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Compatibility chart for Eco Pod eco-friendly reusable coffee pod, including grind type explanation. Compatible with Original Nespresso Line.

About The Company

As a company we strongly believe in a green mission statement reducing the amount of carbon emissions into the atmosphere that are detremental to the climate. By incorporating an eco-friendly item to the every day life, plastic and aluminum pods are substituted by a reusable one, decreasing the percentage of capsules that end up in the landfill. According to US statistics, in 2020 40% of American homes own single cup brewing machines which leads to over 10 billion pods sold every day. Although some get recycled the ones that land in the landfills can circle the globe at least 10 times.

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