About Us

Our product embodies a vision of sustainability in which users are able to partake in the coffee-making experience obtaining high-quality coffee and being mindful of the environment at the same time. Not only is it beneficial to reduce our carbon footprint considering the severity of climate change, but also invites a new kind of experience opening ourselves to the pleasures of everyday life, where busy schedules and to-do lists can be put aside so we can take some time for ourselves. Let this product be a reminder to be mindful of the present moment, bringing all awareness back to you, giving yourself the attention you deserve with every sip you take of the coffee you helped create.

We encourage our customers to take the first step towards making that one small change that can actually have a big impact. We can collectively help reduce the amount of single-brewing coffee capsules which correspond to 576,000 tons of global waste [1] just by substituting multiple plastic and aluminum capsules for one single steel pod, one that can be used as much or as little as you want.

The key benefits to using our product is:

  1. Material: Stainless steel pod compatible with Original Nespresso Line single-cup brewing machines. This product is completely eco-friendly offering long durability and resistance to heat which effectively substitutes plastic and aluminum pods. The rubber gasket around the rim provided a strong seal building up pressure against the steel lid, creating a thick satisfying crema just like non-reusable pods.
  2. Content: The ability to customize the content of the pods with the coffee of your choice, keeping the grind similar to an espresso. Extra-fine coffee will cause water to pass through the grinds too slowly making an over-extracted shot with a bitter and hollow taste. On the other hand coarse coffee will create the opposite effect producing an under-extracted shot followed by a sour, acidic or salty taste. Keeping the grind fine will produce a well balanced espresso shot. Learn more information About the Pod.
  3. Vision: Customizing the content not only provides the opportunity to make any coffee you like into an espresso shot, but also holds a vision to bring awareness to the present moment by putting aside busy schedules and overpacked to-do lists, to give yourself this time of satisfaction where nothing else matters but bringing joy into your life. It is time to prioritize your happiness and participate in the coffee-making experience, filling yourself with gratitude by paying attention to the small pleasures of life. The pod serves as a reminder to be mindful of yourself and the environment, pulling yourself back from being too caught up with the destination, that’s preventing you from enjoying the journey.