How do I use the pod?

Please visit the "How to use" tab under the product description.

What are the capsules made of?

Food grade 304 stainless steel, safe for consumption. 

Which coffee is best for reusable coffee pods?

We recommend using any fine grind coffee for a well balanced shot. Extra-fine will produce an over-extracted shot, whereas coarse coffee will produce an under-extracted shot. 

Can I use instant coffee?

Instant coffee is not recommended as it is extra-fine, almost powder-like, which will produce an over-extracted shot. 

What type of grinder should I use for my coffee beans?

Any coffee bean grinder works, as long as it can produce a homogeneous fine grind.

How much coffee do I use to fill an empty pod?

The recommended amount is 3/4 of the pod to produce the best results. 


How long do they last and how many times can you use it?

The pod is durable and resistant enough to last three + years and can be used as many times as desired, depending on the user. 

How do you properly clean coffee pods?

While cleaning, make sure the pod is completely empty of all remaining coffee residues, thoroughly rinse using water and if necessary, dish cleaning supplies can be used, although water will suffice.


Do they work in all coffee machines?

Please visit the Homepage  and scroll down to find the compatibility diagram for more information on compatible coffee machines, but any machine compatible with Original Nespresso Line can be used. 

Will the capsule damage my machine?

The pod is designed to fit in Original Nespresso Line machines. To avoid any damage to your machine, make sure the pod is placed correctly inside the holder. When the pod is inserted correctly, the machine will close with minimal effort. If the machine "can't close" or "is stuck", remove the pod and carefully re-place it in the right direction, making sure the top of the pod is parallel to the holder. 

Do I have to align the capsule carefully when placing it in the machine?

Yes, make sure to align the top of the pod parallel to the walls of the holder. If it is incorrectly placed, you will see that the bottom is slightly lower than the top, obstructing the machine from closing. If this happens, just remove the pod and try again, do not force it closed!