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Eco Pod's Reusable Coffee Pod

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Eco Pod is an eco-friendly reusable coffee pod made out of steel with the purpose of substituting regular plastic and aluminum coffee capsules. Not only is it a great alternative to help reduce carbon emissions but also provides a unique experience in which the content can be customized with the coffee of your choice. The steel material provides the necessary durability and resistance to heat so it can be used as many times as you want, although we recommend buying multiple pods for more comfortable daily use. The use of this pod is intended to be a mindful reminder to prioritize your happiness while at the same time, having the opportunity to make an espresso with your favorite coffee.

Basic Features

  • Material: Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel safe, strong, and durable for at least 3 years. 
  • Capacity: 4g
  • Size: 36.7*26.9*23 mm
  • Diameter: Top 36.7mm Bottom 23mm 
  • Total Height: 25mm
  • Compatibility: Original Nespresso Line or other compatible single-cup brewing machines.
  • Variants: Eco Pod SKU: 4963298047928 and Eco Package SKU: 4963298047927

How to Use

  • Grab the coffee of your choice and grind for a fine texture to fill ¾ of the pod. 
  • Press 3 or 4 times using the tamper until nicely evenly packed.
  • Place into the coffee machine, ensuring the pod is inserted in the right direction. 
  • Press the small cup for a strong espresso shot.

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